Gold shell crafting & stats
Gold shells are the best armors that will be available at OhaGaming.
You can obtain them by finishing the quest at [Blacksmith] Heppa npc located at Moradon town.

[Image: goldshell.png]

Here is an example of stats for Warrior armor once you collect the whole set +7:

[Image: goldshellstats.gif]
Gold Sheller, OhaGaming'de bulunabilecek en iyi zırhlardır.
Moradon townda bulunan [Blacksmith] Heppa npc'sindeki görevi tamamlayarak Gold Shell elde edebilirsiniz.
[Image: goldshell.png]

Tüm seti +7 topladığınızda Warrior zırhının istatistiklerine bir örnek:
[Image: goldshellstats.gif]

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