Chat room & its usage ideas
You can open a Chat Room for up to 15 users and start chatting. This guide will show you how to do so and present some ideas how this feature can be useful in gameplay. While chatting your character won't be able to move.

How to use Chat room system:

1. Press on "M" icon in left down corner and select Chat Room option

[Image: chatr1.jpg]

2. Type in required informations such as: room Tittle, number of users that can join and password (password is not required - you can open room without password)

[Image: chatr2.jpg]

3. Press "OK" and your Chat Room is now open and visible for other users.  
    In order to join the room you must left click on a tittle and type password if its required

[Image: chatr3.jpg]
[Image: chatr4.jpg]

How this feature can be useful in gameplay:

1. You can use it as Buy or Sell merchant if you are selling or want to buy item which is worth more than 999.999.999 coins. Just create Chat Room without password like on screen below and other user will join to leave you offers.

2. You can create Chat Room without password in Ronark Land and chat with users from enemy nation

3. You can chat with multiple users from other party, clan, nation etc. in any zone

[Image: chatr5.jpg]

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